DevLog #5


We have added a new floor tile.  The first floor tile has become the foundation that you need to place before placing any other floor tile down.  We still have the same wall and adjusted the way the bulldozing works.  There are two forms of bulldozing ( bulldoze all items OR bulldoze everything ).  We also tied everything to the amount of funds, you the player currently have.

A quick rundown on what each item is (LEFT SIDE – Top to bottom):
Wrench – Construction ( e.g. walls, floors, etc )
Lightning – Utilities
Tag – Build items ( e.g. plants, chairs, couch, etc. )
Person with plus – Hire staff
Computer – Research
Graph – Reports
Map – Planning ( place an image down to plan the station without spending )
BOTTOM (Left to right):
Square Grid – Menu
Money symbol – Current funds
Smile Face – Visitor happiness ( how they feel about your station )
Two faces – Visitor count ( how many visitors are currently on your station )
Calendar – Days ( how many in game days have you played )

The square – Current time and controls ( Play, Fast Forward & Pause the clock )

The first image ( top image ) is of our main menu in the process of coming together.  If you have any suggests on what floor tiles should be added or how the layout of the main menu should look, please let us know in the comments below.


Devlog #4

As you can see above, we have added the ability to click and drag walls into the game.  Some of the info on the UI are still place holders, however just showcasing the ability of creating walls.  Also, the UI was updated since our Devlog #3 post.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

DevLog #3

Started playing around with getting the UI setup as you can see above.  Everything in this screen shot is a placeholder for now.  The UI location may stay the same, however the layout may change in the future, but for now, here is a quick teaser of the UI layout in its current form.

Image above was updated with new visuals.

What are your thoughts?

DevLog #2

We have completed the adding of floor tile functionality, along with the ability of destroying the floor tiles.  We have also put up a roadmap (link below).  Feel free to comment or provide suggestions as we move forward in creating Sim Space Station.

We have a lot of stuff we want to add in to it, and there may be stuff we are not thinking of, so feel free to pass your thoughts to help make this game great.

What kind of flooring do you wish to see?
What kind of shops/stores do you wish to see?
Let us know in the comments below!!

Sim Space Station Roadmap

The Journey Begins

We have begun work on our newest game, inspired by Prison Architect and Sim Airport, comes Sim Space Station, where you build a thriving space station. Build stores, and living quarters, gather resources to sell for large profit, the choice is yours!

Follow along with us as we develop our newest game. We look forward to your comments and questions and we’ll see you out there!!